Hi Ms. Magnin!
It was such an honor to meet you yesterday; and i found your story of how you became an author to be very inspirational! Thanks for all the tips and advice. I can’t wait till I am finished my novel and I hope to see it in print someday.
Thanks again,
Stephanie Fusco (Elementary Student)

Author Joyce Magnin's Sweet and Sassy, Creepy, Crawly Character Kitchen Funshop is a don't miss event!  Watch your children’s' imaginations float freely as her engaging questions draw out their creativity.  This interactive class gently leads elementary students down the path of the story by highlighting character development.  Joyce does this so well because she herself creates such quirky and fun characters in her book Cake.   If you've never met Wilma Sue, Ruth, Naomi, Penny and the chickens, make sure to stop by your local library for a copy.
Lori Friedgen-Veitch
Helen Kate Furness Free Library
Children and Youth Services

 What have I gained from Joyce Magnin's Novel Workshop? I'll start with the confidence she brought to us writers gathered around a long table feeling timid and hungry for publication. As if coaching us to skydive or bungee jump, she pressed us to look closely at our stories and articulate what we're trying to write about in one clear, simple, fascinating sentence. I use the word coached, rather than taught, because she worked with each of us, one at a time, in class and out, until everyone knew what he/she was writing about and could sell it to an editor. This was only the beginning of the workshop. Joyce then dissected the craft of writing, from point of view to plot development, from characterization to building tension. Dialog. Setting. Using the senses and images. She talked about big picture topics and the nitty gritty details that can kill a manuscript, like common grammar mistakes and 'less is more.' Every step of the way toward writing, completing, and polishing our work, Joyce drew from great works of literature and pop culture to make her points even more clear and real. Finally, Joyce brought a sense of community to our group. We continue to share our progress and setbacks and to guide and encourage one another toward publication. What have I gained from Joyce Magnin's Workshop? Hope.
 Sara Goff, Montrose Christian Writer's Conference 2011

Joyce Magnin’s inspiring and informative novel workshop is a must for every unpublished novelist.  With her engaging style, she leads her students through the intricacies of theme, character formation, plot, style, and editing. 
Joyce’s workshop was the highlight of my time at the 2011 Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference.  She helped me shift from my usual focus on non-fiction to novel writing, maximizing my strengths and clarifying my weaknesses.  She offered concrete advice and direction in a welcoming atmosphere that addressed the needs of writers of all levels.  Her workshop was well-planned, and delivered with humor and attention to detail. Joyce was also generous with her time, inviting students to meet with her privately outside of workshop hours to focus on their particular needs and challenges. 
Joyce gave me exactly what I needed as an aspiring novelist.  I returned home energized and so much better prepared to continue the writing journey.  Don’t pass up the chance to take her workshop!
~ Catherine Cavanagh
Soul Side:  Articles of Faith (Butternut Publishing)
Women Priests:  Answering the Call (Butternut Publishing)

I have worked with Joyce Magnin on writing projects for ten years now. Joyce not only has a great eye, but an innate sense of what is working and what is not. She knows and loves the craft. She is generous with her knowledge and time. I am a better writer and editor because of Joyce.
 Pam Halter, freelance author and editor

Joyce has been an invaluable resource in helping me bring my fiction project way above and beyond where it would have gone on my own. Her knowledge and expertise in the craft is tremendous, and she has a gift for teaching.  Jeff Miller, Aspiring Author 

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